Luxury Yachts

Configured to formally manage the sales process of a luxury yacht manufacturer, My Sales Machine was adapted to cater for the sales process of selling a custom-built luxury yacht. This is a sales process that can typically run into a number of years, so it is important that the ‘prospect’ doesn’t get lost or forgotten about.
My Sales Machine is used to capture initial interest from a potential buyer, with either significant detail of the enquiry being captured over a phone call to the sales office, or in a simpler form at a boat show or open-day.
Shows are notorious for visitors constantly viewing the boat and sales staff often struggle with time pressures to look after them, all meaning sometimes it is difficult to get all the detail captured in one go, as prospective buyers look over the yacht.
Clearly its difficult to spot a real yacht-buyer from say an interested member of the public who’s not realistically looking to purchase, so it is vital that every visitors details are captured and run through the Sales Machine so as not to miss a real buying opportunity.
The boat-show solution uses a tablet with a simple screen to capture the main contact information and interest of a prospective owner – it can be completed by either the sales-person while chatting with the prospective owner or indeed the visitor themselves can fill out the enquiry form. The system is then used to send either an e-mail or a follow-up letter to the visitor very quickly after they have visited. It’s a very impressive marketing tool.
This My Sales Machine instance has also been developed to manage the quotation-process of a prospective owner specifying his chosen boat and its optional extras – of which there are a lot and different across each of the three boat models too.
The My Sales Machine process is deployed once the interest is captured into the system. A managed schedule of dates and call backs in instigated to maintain regular contact with the prospective yacht owner throughout the buying process.
Once again, we are seeing how My Sales Machine is taking the potential for human error out of a sales process and at the same time making the vendor look really professional and detailed in the eyes of its customers.