My Sales Machine has had a significant, positive impact on the firm's bottom-line, and has integrated beautifully with all the other Microsoft products it deploys.
My Sales Machine is used in a classic sales fashion to capture and record the detail of any current client or new-business opportunity and allows the sales-team to work the opportunity into an order with consistent and regular sales process activities.
It is a very competitive industry, small-differences in the sales approach and the firm’s professionalism can make all the difference in a potential sale. One classic feature is making sure that without exception, sales staff always do what they tell the opportunity contact they are going to do – even to the point of under-promising and then showing over-achieving. The structured and repeatable way that My Sales Machine allows the firm to conduct itself is showing significant results and growth.
This My Sales Machine solution has also been further enhanced by connecting it to the firm’s main back-office database. This means that sales people always have access to the very latest financial and account info on what their clients have been ordering. My Sales Machine is also connected to their telephone system allowing staff to use headphones to make and receive calls from customers, thus speeding-up the entire operation.
The system provides management with instant info on all sales activities, marketing actions, results and where any sale is in the process. This means that any sales person can pick up a sales opportunity at any point and progress it through to an order, without the need for interaction with other staff or delays in finding out additional information from others.