Sales Acceleration

Here at My Sales Machine, our mission is to help and advise businesses on how to accelerate their sales. If you worry that your company has great products, sales people and processes but despite feeling like you’ve got everything you need for sales success, the combination of this isn’t giving you what you deserve in terms of sales - it may be time to talk with our Chairman, Simon West.

The invitation

Simon is our 25-years experienced Sales Advisor and is in London for meetings on a number of dates this Spring. Simon will spend an hour or so speaking with you about your sales strategies and how a concerted Sales Machine sat in the middle of your business can help to improve your long term sales success.
If you would like some more information on sales acceleration, we can book you an hour’s advisory conversation via phone at any time. But if you or your Head of Sales wants your business to gain value from a face to face Sales Acceleration meeting in a relaxed environment in our London Club for example, we can also get that scheduled on one of Simon’s London days and at a time that suits you!
If you are wondering how we have helped other companies with this offering here is some more information and examples of how our solution has helped to accelerate sales.

Setting expectations

And just to set expectations as we are often asked about this – Simon KNOWS that most of you won’t want to proceed with this, but by having a Sales Acceleration meeting we will add value to what you are doing and you will gain from it one way or another.
Of course some might want to proceed to invest in this Sales Machine or get us involved in a sales campaign. But it doesn’t have to be you - you can get the benefit from his proposals and ideas without having to buy anything. But if it feels like the right thing, then we’d be delighted to offer our services to you too!

Contact us on 01672 505050.