The box, the balloons and the whiteboard – How did our animation come to fruition?

By Dan Offer
Here at My Sales Machine we have been working on something a little different!
A couple of months ago a member of our team sat down on the floor in front of the office whiteboard and began work on our new marketing ploy which has just recently been finalised. Throughout the course of his afternoon on the floor he managed to draft up a full storyboard in order to get the point of our business and the idea of ‘sales acceleration’ across to potential new customers in the form of an animation.
Once the storyboard was put in place, we began an extensive search for an animator whose work we felt captured the spirit of our video. This proved to be a harder task than first imagined with rates being offered from anywhere between 3 and 4 figures. By chance, we came across the artistic brilliance of Phillipe Avery and his team at Future Point 4 Business by scrolling through our LinkedIn feed and being faced with one of his creations for a business not too dissimilar to our own.
After the briefest of chats with Mr. Avery we knew he was the man we wanted to hand our storyboard over to.
The process over the following weeks was wonderfully orchestrated and the two companies worked hand in hand to create something (I hope) we are both extremely proud of.
Once a member of our team had worked on an appropriate script AND created a voice over, Phillipe’s team took over in rapid fashion to create our first draft of the animated storyboard.
In truth, the draft was much closer to our envisioned product than we ever could have imagined, and huge credit is due to Future Point for that. Nonetheless, there was obviously some tweaks and changes which needed to happen to ensure all parties were 110% satisfied but, these were done brilliantly and in what felt like no time at all.
So here we have it… MSM’s first venture into the world of video and animation!